David Edmondson: McEachern High school varsity swimmer.

by Kelechi Anyanwu, Staff Writer

Self-confidence, discipline, and commitment are qualities found in a good athlete.  These characteristics can be found in David Edmonson, a captain, teammate and dedicated swimmer for his school.

“Think about all the best athletes you know,” Assistant swimming coach Damian Mitchell said. “They do whatever that sport is all the time.”

Senior David Edmondson is no exception with him swimming year long with the Sting-rays. The Sting-rays are David’s other team to practice alongside being in McEachern’s high school swim team. Edmondson has been swimming for 15 years and practices almost every morning before school starts. West Cobb Aquatic Center is where Edmondson practices, with the swim meets being in Central Aquatic Center and Mountain View.

“I was the first freshman in McEachern to go to state,” Edmondson said.

David has been constantly succeeding and breaking records ever since he entered high school. Edmondson has been varsity of the swim team since freshman year and became one of the six captains by his junior year.

“When you see David swim in the water you’re just in awe,” senior swim captain Miguel Garcia said.

The hundred back and free stroke were broken by Edmondson with them both being set, before David in 1996. These two records were broken, during David’s senior year of high school.

“I’ll tell you a story,” Assistant swimming Coach Mitchell said. “He didn’t perform very well in the state championship this year, so a lot of people would sit and chill to themselves. He jumped into the pool and swam like 2000 yards.”

The thing with Edmondson is that he is always pushing himself to be better. This inspires people around him to work harder and never give up. David plans to attend LaGrange College and swim for their team.

“Every swimmer wants to go the Olympics,” Edmondson said.

The passion and dedication David has could one day make his dream a reality.