by Tianna Smith, Publicist

Eyebrows that aren’t “on fleek” are a crime in 2015; in highschool, the need to have perfectly arched and filled brows is a necessity.

“Don’t show up somewhere with eyebrows that look like you literally drew them on with the thickest sharpie marker you could find,” junior Kyla Chang said.

It’s not easy fulfilling the status-quo of perfect eyebrows because different occasions call for different perfects. School calls for a more natural, refreshing look, while special event or on date night makes for a bolder and more striking look.

Achieving perfect eyebrows is not as difficult as it is made out to be, both natural and dramatic eyebrows can be completed in a few easy steps.

Step one: Shape your eyebrows. If you can’t shape them yourself, professionals offer waxing and threading –which also offers a long lasting look. Many people try to add onto eyebrows that are already thick and full before getting them shaped and waxed.

Step two: Use an eyebrow brush. Brush the hairs on your eyebrows up and then over, following the natural  arch.

Step three: This step may vary depending on the type of person you are, and what eyebrow materials you use, but I use the Anastasia Eyebrow Kit in the color (insert color). First, you want to take the eyebrow wax, put it on your finger and follow the shape of your brow with it. The wax lays your hairs down and keeps them in place to look nice and neat all day.

Step four: Dip your thin makeup brush into a powder that best fits your skin tone. Start off with a light amount for a natural look and follow the bottom and top of your eyebrows with the powder. If you need to clean along your eyebrow you can use concealer that is up to two shades lighter that your skin tone to create a highlighted effect, but be sure to thoroughly blend the product because too much will eliminate the natural and leave a harsh makeup line.

Step five: Fill  lighter spots with less hair in order to  create an uniform brow.

Step six: Grab your eyebrow brush, not makeup brush, and repeat step two. This helps blend everything together and make your eyebrows look truly natural by creating a gradual shading.

For a bolder look, all steps can be followed the same, except step four. Adding a bit more powder along the arch or curve of the brow makes them darker, allowing the eyebrows to continue to pop aside heavier make-up.
To see this tutorial in action watch the video below.