by Lindsey Camp, web designer

FCA, also known as Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a organization to present athletes and coaches and all whom influence the challenge and adventure of receiving, living, and serving Jesus Christ.

“This organization has been present on campus for 30 to 40 years,” club leader, James Hunter said. “In  1990 to 1992 McEachern had the largest FCA in the state.”

This open club gets together every Thursday morning at 7:30 in the Lovinggood Gym. The meetings that are held are always jazzed up with different special guests. Any student that attends McEachern is allowed to be a part of this exciting time.

The organization recently fell through because the amount of participation  dropped tremendously. It is student led, but these are not just ordinary students. They are chosen by teachers who feel that they can step up and take charge. Leaders organize games, request special speakers, and plan surprises to bring joy to all of those who decide to participate.

“ FCA teaches me how to spread the word of God and it helps me learn new ways to praise Him,” sophomore Will Ingram said.

At FCA, invited speakers serve a sermon, special guest lead worship, snacks are handed out.There’s ton of hanging out and growing.The growing is not only in students lives, but in those who give their time, hearts and ideas to make it all happen. On November 5th, the christian rapper, Miles Austin, came and shared his testimony and rapped some of his popular songs such as “ Not Perfect” and  “Look to the Sky.”

“ I think FCA is very important, because it allows students to be in an environment where they can be who they are,” christian rapper, Miles Austin said.“If believer’s know they aren’t alone, they will know people support them and know that people can help them on their walk.”

There are so many different ways to give glory to God and to honor Him. The participants of FCA are some of the hands and feet of Jesus on the campus.