by Sydney King, Assistant Photographer

Have you ever wondered why we tell ourselves no? We’ve had thoughts like….

“Maybe I will make the team. Nah, I doubt that I’m that good enough.”

“Should I apply to Princeton? Nope, I doubt that they will ever accept me.”

 We can be our own worst critics at times. We don’t need society to tell us no when we have that little voice right inside of us doing the job.  So why are we so hard on ourselves?  Maybe, it is fear of failure, fear of looking uncool, or just simply standing alone in a task.

Based on what I see we all tell ourselves no, at least once. The problem is that when we say no, we prevent ourselves from starting it. When you look down on yourself constantly saying that you can’t do something, you are stopping yourself from achieving your goal.

  1. Never give up at the first no
  • We can all admit that we will do anything to avoid failure, and that’s natural to have this feeling. That is when we come up with reasons to block us from reaching our goal. This emotion usually comes from a person’s environment.  For example, growing up with a lack of self-esteem, or not being able to relate to others in the position that you want to see yourself in.  But “no” doesn’t mean impossible or never. The word “no” usually means “not right now”, or “not in that way”. Which is why you shouldn’t give up at the first no.
  1. How to overcome the F.o.F
  • I’ve noticed that one reason why we tell ourselves no is that we don’t believe in ourselves, or we don’t think that we’re ready. We do this because we want to succeed from the beginning. For example, being accepted in this society is very important to young adults. In today’s society, everything is about “likes on social media”.

Eventually, through life we will make mistakes, that’s just life. When you start your first job, you will mess up. When you ask someone out, you will probably say something dumb. When you surround yourself around people that are better than you, you will probably feel unwanted or unintelligent. But at the end, if you’re in this for the long run then all of this shouldn’t matter. You will have so many of chances to be amazing. Anything can happen but, it can only happen once you get started.