by Felicha Laforest, Assistant Editor

Makeup is an elegant form of art that many wish to acquire. Although there is natural beauty in all, makeup is used to enhance one’s natural beauty; it takes precision, effort, and talent to “beat” a face to perfection.

There are many easy ways to enhance a look without going the extra mile. The most popular look for the fall season is the ombre lip.  

Due to the ombre lips dramatic appearance, it leaves no room for extra touching up in the eye, face, or brow regions. This is why it is considered to be an easy glamorous look.

 Step one to creating an ombre lip is to make sure the lips are moisturized and free from any dead skin. This is essential to the process because all attraction will be placed on the lips and the goal is to have a smooth flawless surface. Two good ways to exfoliate the lips is to either gently brush the lips with a tooth brush or rub sugar and Vaseline into the lips.

Step two is to correct any discoloring around the mouth; this can be achieved by applying a color correcting concealer under a coat of foundation or for those with oily skin apply powder foundation that matches well to the skin. Skipping this step will make for an unclean finish and could cause an after shave look for those with darker skin.

Step three is to line the lips with a lip liner or the lipstick of choice. This is a make or break step, because there are not many concrete rules to consider. Many prefer to over line the lips to manifest a full lip, other prefer to underline the lips to reduce size. Lining the lips can be tricky for some, but a little can and will go a long way. The easiest way to successfully conquer this step is to follow the natural line of the lips, but if you chose to over line or underline the lips use soft strokes.

Step four is to blend. There are two ways to blend; the simple way is to rub the lips together or use a clean eye shadow brush to be more precise. When it comes to blending there is little to no mistakes, but if there is a mistake it can be correct with concealer.

Step five is to apply the center lipstick color of choice and repeat step four. Once the center color is applied the blending will show for the outcome of the ombre lip.

After you have blended the lips to your liking you can take an angle brush with concealer and clean up any mistakes. Adding a touch of mascara and eyeliner will compliment the ombre lip leaving a sophisticated look to start the day.