by Briana Clinkscales, Staff Writer

With over 10 thousand years of experience, chemists, cosmetologists, religious leaders, and governments had an incredible impact over the world of cosmetics. Since the beginning of cosmetics, different parts of the world have taken the origin of makeup, and added in their own interpretation of beauty.

In defiance of the history, it wasn’t until the last couple of decades that the global cosmetics industry really began to consider the beauty needs of Asian customers. Foundation ranges were often too limited; whatever was available tended to have heavy pink undertones, which clashed with yellow, warm red, or olive undertones of most Asian women. In the 1980s, new cosmetic lines began to solve these problems by creating foundation colors to even out the undertones of Asian complexions. In Korea in specific, women with non-aging, natural skin are viewed as more attractive, so the way that they not only chose their foundation, but also the way it was applied changed. Korean skin has a relatively thick and dense dermis (the second layer of skin), which contains a high concentration of collagen. As a result, the skin enjoys higher protection against the effects of aging as compared to any other race.

A flawless, illuminated base is perhaps the most central part of the Korean beauty routine. It’s important that they find their perfect match, choose the right foundation, and apply it in sheer layers that result in inner radiance.

So, first, cleansed skin, sunscreen, and a primer is highly recommended for this look, as opposed to any other makeup look, due to the little amount of foundation being used. Next, apply a dime-sized amount of the liquid form of a BB or CC Cream all over your face with a foundation brush. Using a BB/CC Cream, versus a heavy foundation, will act as a concealer and foundation in one, while illuminating your skin and reducing cakeyness at the same time. A tip to remember when looking for a BB/CC Cream is to pick one that matches your undertones, and that can be seamlessly blended into your jawline.  After you’ve applied that with a foundation brush, go in with your beauty blender and blend your makeup until your desired look is accomplished. Then, set your foundation with a powder. This prevents makeup from moving around and also imparts that inner glow; use a light-reflecting translucent powder or a tinted setting powder that suits your undertone. Lastly, apply blush on the apples of your cheeks to create a softer look. If you have full cheeks, this can create a “doll-like” effect and make you look younger and more innocent (this step is optional).

Now you’re ready to create your own amazing Korean makeup look. Above all, don’t forget to have fun: makeup is discovery time, after all. You’re not only discovering new products that make you look and feel special, but you’re also discovering yourself.