by De’Aira McCrory and De’Aira McCrory

Lane Bryant is a popular clothing brand inspired for women with curve and definition. The company that was originally built on a foundation with positive motives, has recently been the center of attention on social media and not in a faun way. Lane Bryant is receiving heat for her most recent campaign;“#ImNoAngel”. The campaign was started in contrast towards the Victoria’s Secrets Angels line which only appeals to petite women. In the act of expanding the “#ImNoAngel” movement Lane Bryant launched an ad. As the ad dropped controversy rose as viewers noticed that the commercial that promoted plus sized women only pertained to the ideal hourglass shaped woman. Many put Lane Bryant at fault.  A few of her supporters took offense while being left baffled as Lane Bryant herself  is a plus size women.  I agree that there was a lack of variety for the representation of a plus size woman. The company took initiative towards making a bold statement so it should of been done with the purpose of leaving an impact on everyone in society. Yet the ad upset the audience that it was meant to appease. While everyone has the right to blame Lane Bryant herself realistically she wasn’t the person casting the actual women who appeared in the commercial. I say her team is the blame but lets cut the company some slack, after all “#ImNoAngel”, your no angle and Lane Bryant is no angle.