by Kelechi Anyanwu, Staff Writer

The Iowa caucus is the first real vote for both parties to choose their nominees. It’s crucial to win because it shows people your strengths and weakness. On Feb. 5, the Iowa caucus occurred with surprising results.

Starting with Republicans, one person didn’t win despite having high poll numbers. That’s right, Donald Trump lost and got second place with Ted Cruz gaining first place. This gave Ted Cruz eight Delegates, Donald Trump seven Delegates, and Marco Rubio who was in third place with seven delegates. These results also made republicans like Rand Paul and other republicans to drop out. Ted Cruz was able to achieve his victory by visiting all 99 counties of Iowa unlike some people that choose to skip a debate.

Republicans are not the only ones that brought a surprise Monday night. Democrat’s Iowa caucus also shocked American with their results. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders had a close result. Hillary was able to win 49.9% of the votes with Bernie Sanders gaining 49.6%. Although Sanders lost, many regard him as a winner because no one expected a close result. This result will lead to a boost in polls and an increase in popularity for him. Even Republicans candidates have begun to notice, mentioning Sanders as a person they’ll beat if elected. Before they only mentioned Hilary Clinton, but now it seems like they are feeling the “Bern.”

Now since the Iowa caucus is over, candidates from both sides will be looking to New Hampshire for the next vote. The question is if Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz can hold their leads?

See video below to understand the Iowa caucus:

How the Iowa caucus works