Varsity swimmers recount the memories and lessons gained from this past season

  • Senior Denzel Stallings avidly puts in work as he anticipates his victory.
  • With a look of

    dedication and endurance, senior Lucie Dulling pushes herself through the shallow waters, determined to meet her team at the finishing mark.

  • Senior swim captain Abigail Cherry positions herself for a launch into the 40m race with a powerful start.

T’Shya Kimble, Staff Writer

Competitors leap from their blocks and dive into the awaiting waters, with waves of adrenaline coursing through their veins as they swim to victory.
These competitors are senior high school students who have dedicated themselves to making the McEachern swim team elite, from start to finish.
“Dedication, mental strength and perseverance are three of the most important traits that a swimmer can have,” senior captain Remy Decoux said. “Swimming is a very intense sport and if one does not have the passion for it, they will grow to hate the entire concept.”
With extensive practices and grueling workouts, the McEachern swimmers endure intense workouts to solidify their stance as an excellent swim team worthy of State-level competition.
Those long hours of practice and drilling can be strenuous on the athlete’s bodies and requires a great deal of mental strength along with physical endurance.
But beyond their great athleticism, unity and perseverance is what has kept the Mceachern swim team afloat.
The team’s strong foundation is built upon the bond amongst the swimmers and coaches themselves; before they are a team, they are a family first.
“We are loyal to one another. We take care of each other, we cheer each other on and we have a lot of heart,” swim coach Melissa Lynch said. “As a group, they have a great work ethic. When they’re at practice they give their best- they give 110 percent.”
With goals such as going to the county and state the swim team has not only achieved those goals but exceeded them in every aspect.
The Indian Nation was represented well at the State competitions, with several varsity swimmers there.
Seniors Eric Solorzano, Sean Ware, Joseph Washington, and Remy Decoux all qualified to compete at the State level, and they placed in each of their competitions.
This year has been monumental for the varsity swim team, but even more, important their team’s accomplishments are the values swimming has instilled in them.
As the senior swimmers embark on a new life journey, the life lessons they have learned and the friendships they have forged will always stay with them.