by Ayeilie Mel, Staff writer

2,672. That is the total number of lockers that line the hallways at McEachern High School: more than enough for each of the 2,300 students attending.

“When I was growing up having a locker was a big deal. Similar to cell phones now, everyone thought to themselves, I want this and I have to have it now,” administrator Joshua Ford said.

For a long time, these storage units were seen as a representation of the American high school experience. Students who owned a locker were eager to organize and decorate them, because it gave a sense of control and personal space, while allowing creativity in a positive way.

Lockers do more than enhance the halls; they are used to lighten the heavy load of overfilled book bags and secure personal belongings. Lockers also cause increase focus in school environments because students aren’t distracted by their personal belongings.

Despite the abundance of lockers and their apparent advantages, students are still not convinced. In fact,  less than fifty lockers will be used this academic school year.

“Lockers are no longer necessary and take up space. We barely notice them when walking on campus. I do however think teachers should keep a class set of textbooks we can use in the classroom so that we don’t carry a lot in our book bags,” junior Axell Rojas said.

McEachern High School’s large and open campus is also a factor in the decrease of locker use. Students feel as though this issue is beyond time management. Many expressed they simply do not have an ample amount of time to go to lockers and make it to class on time. This can be solved by getting a locker close to the side of campus majority of your classes are located.

Another concern for pupils was their safety. Unlike technology a locker can not be hacked. The combinations are constantly being changed after the use of a student and often monitored to make sure any hazardous, harmful, or illegal items are taken care of.

The lockers are still in good shape and won’t be taken down any time soon.