by Sydney King, Staff Reporter, Assistant Photographer

For some summer may be going on vacation and relaxing on the couch, while for others summer is about training and getting ready for their upcoming season.

For most Georgia high school football players the Corky Kell Classic is one of the biggest games to start off the season. The Metro PCS Corky Kell which started in 1992, is a Metro Georgia high school football event and the first game ever to be held at the Georgia Dome.

“Performing at the big event gives our players a chance to go to the Georgia Dome and and play just like a professional team would do, it also gives them a chance to have a wider audience than just the Powder Springs community,” administrator Christi Osborne said.

“I love the passion of the game but really my grandma motivates me because she’s always pushed me to do better, so I see football as something that I love to do,” senior CJ Miller said.

Not only is the Corky Kell important to the football team but it also has an impact on our school and our school spirit. Having school spirit shows our football team that we support them which then leads to memorable victories.

The boys have been preparing by rehearsing over and over for what’s going to happen and to be ready.The Indians will close out the Classic Saturday at 8:45 p.m. at the Georgia Dome.