• The Switcher: This vacant control booth becomes a hubbub of activity during the taping sessions of McEachern Live. (photo by Alexis Moreno)
  • Audio-visual teacher Mark Littles works alongside the rest of the McEachern Live staff to put together segments for McEachern Live. (photo by Alexis Moreno)
  • Sophomore director Jasaun Davie and sophomore anchor Nyla Matthews sit on the McEachern Live set (photo by Alexis Moreno)

by Andrew Okwuosah, Digital Editor

McEachern Live is the revival of a tradition that has the classic roots of a reboot at its heart.

“It was just the right time,” audio/video teacher Mark Littles said. “We finally got all of the necessary equipment to make it a great newscast and from what I hear around campus, it was truly missed. My students and I are honored to bring such an important piece of McEachern back to the community.”

Discussions for the show’s reincarnation have been in place since last year, but McEachern Live is only just now relaunching.

For the show’s staff, the project is a chance to turn the spotlight towards activities that don’t normally receive it.

“I look at it as a way to find the hidden talents beneath McEachern,” sophomore Jasaun Davie said. “It’s about digging down deep.”

The newscast serves as another outlet for McEachern to tell its story as it wants it to be told.

McEachern Live’s second episode will be available to stream here sometime next week.