by Chrystal Nwuaogu, Senior Writer

Intelligence can be defined as the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. The question to be answered is whether true intelligence can be measured by a student’s standardized test scores and their GPA.
Intelligence cannot be completely measured by just one factor; an accumulation of data needs to be there before the intelligence of a student can be considered. It is visible in innumerable ways, which explains why GPA and standardized test may not be the most accurate way in determining intellect.
“I think intelligence is having a natural ability to excel at something; so there is a lot of different types of intelligences,” administrator Christi Osborne said.
Grades can be a reflection of work ethic; which is why some students have poor or splendid grades. As a result of a strong work ethic, it is possible for a student to attain a strong test score and grade point average. The problem is students without a well-disciplined work ethic are often categorized as non-intelligent. They are often told that they have potential and just need to put it to use, but the zeal to exceed has to be self-initiated. Students have to truly care before they take action toward success.
Some students tend to not care because the traditional high school is not for them. “Not every student can relate or adjust to the ways of a traditional high school,” literature teacher Laurette Brown said.
Although grades and standardized tests are not the perfect reflection of a student’s intelligence, they are the most accurate. Tests are used to show a student’s mastery of the content, also known as their intelligence on a subject. Some students can maintain a solid grade based on effort assignments, but cannot pass test due to the difficulty of creating and demonstrating intelligence on a particular subject.
“People are intelligent in different ways. Some people are book smart while others are street smart”, senior Natalia Pierre-Paul said.
Although standardized test and GPA are not the most accurate sources to measure intelligence, they are the most reliable.