by Kelechi Anyanwu, Staff Writer

Wow, no one saw that coming! That was the thought which occurred with many Americans on Tuesday, February 9. For, both Republican and Democrats had surprising winners that took the New Hampshire vote. In fact, if you said that six months ago these two candidates won, no one would believe. That’s right everyone, Donald Trump (Republican, that keeps saying he’s rich) and Bernie Sanders( Democrat, who came out of nowhere) both won New Hampshire vote in their respective parties.

Last week, Republicans were discussed first, so we will talk about Democrats now. As I stated before Sander’s won New Hampshire primary against Hillary Clinton. Though what was surprising is the amount Sander’s won in votes (He won by a lot). Bernie won 60.4% of the votes with Hillary Clinton getting only 38.0%. Also O’Malley got 0.3 (Though no one real cares about that). Giving Hillary some credit, Vermont (Sander’s Home state) is right next to  New Hampshire. This caused more voter’s to come Bernie way and made Hillary “feel the Bern.” These results gave Sander’s 15 more Delegates and Clinton 9 Delegates.

Going to the republican side, looks like someone is back in the lead. Yeah you know, who i’m talking about. Some love him and other’s just wonder how he made it this far. That’s right the winner of New Hampshire primary was Donald Trump. His lost (second place) in Iowa seems to not affected him and might have even made him a better candidate. Leading, many to believe that Trump could actually be a good president ( Yeah I’m joking in this sentence). The top three( Since naming all the Republican candidates would take to long) are Donald Trump(35.3% of the votes), John Kasich( 15.8% of the votes), and Ted Cruz(11.7% of the votes).

Now Candidates from both sides will need to regroup and formulate new strategies to win(Especially the one’s who lost). The Question everyone is asking is who’s truly leading in their respective party? Follow my blog and continue to go inside the politics with me on next week.