by Jedidah Taylor, Senior Editor

Eyes peeled, watching, as the world whooshes by in fast-forward, standing in the background –watching. The onlooking introverted students find themselves as an outcast and shamed for being meditative and pensive.

“I don’t feel the need to reach out to them because they put themselves in their situation since they’re born lame,” Senior Dezirae Howell said.

Though a politically incorrect statement, there is some truth that pertains; in many cases, the students that are often laughed upon, seen as lame, or ignored and isolated are literally born different.

Biologically, social drive roots from the release of dopamine and acetylcholine. Introverts are unique due to the greater discharge of acetylcholine causing them to take longer time planning, decision making, retrieving a memory , and interacting. More commonly found extroverts primarily release dopamine causing them to act impulsively, shift attention quickly when communicating, and be fascinated by new and changing environments.

In short, introverts don’t steer from social interaction out of fear skill but because the loud constant triggering of trivial exchanges is draining. It is not typical of a developed introvert to suffer from loneliness and depression; contempt, they find themselves gathering with select friends –other introverts who respect space and empathize with their needs.

“Outside of school, I hang out with a mixture of the two because the extroverts I’m friends with have more empathy. In general, people need more empathy; otherwise, they’ll just walk over one another,” Sophomore Marcus Jefferson expresses as he sits on a brick ledge drawing in his sketch-pad instead of burrowing in the rambunctious cafeteria.

During the malleable age of preteens, the sensation of loneliness and isolation may arise in introverts due to the craving of conformity by their peers. Extroverts feel threatened by objection and the ability to stand in solitude, so in reaction to the “fight” stimuli they supplement the quality of their social group with a quantity that will overpower their surroundings; from that point, they lash out on smaller groups.

“When I moved from Arizona to Georgia, I went from knowing everyone to knowing no one; I was desperate to get to the same status. I had no idea what UGA was all about, but everyone else was wearing college football clothes so I bought some myself,” English teacher Brandon Standing said.

Focus and continual drive is a strength of introverts, as a result, it is common that they pursue demanding careers such as doctors and lawyers. However as a product of culture, introvert’s more social counterpart, receives more praise and acknowledgment for their charisma; accordingly, outlets to display extroverts’ strengths are prominently available.

“Traditional classroom styles target extroverted students, but as we make progress and see more introverts becoming people of authority methods most broaden to reach every audience,” Counselor Reginald Hurns said.

Lame, weird, freak lashes from a lack of understanding, and the unwillingness to seek the knowledge. An introvert living in an extrovert’s world is faced with the options to conform or to be confined. Extroverts, the majority, must make it an obligation to use their social strength to unreel and uplift introverts. Intentional action, patience, the ability to listen are the keys to unlock the door of social barriers.