photo by Tianna Smith

Social Studies teacher and father Todd McMath with daughter Lindsey McMath

by Felicha Laforest, Assistant Editor

photo by Tianna Smith
Social Studies teacher and father Todd McMath with daughter Lindsey McMath.

On a typical school day, parents normally drop their children off at school and are off to work, but for staff members Jan Dilbeck, Todd McMath, and Krystal Wattley the usual is not so usual.  

“I don’t see many negatives to working at [Griffin’s] school; I see it as an advantage because I have better communication with his teachers,” Administrator Krystal Wattley said.

These students gain an upper hand from having parents on staff also.“It’s nice having a parent at school, most teachers know you pretty well and become familiar with you easily,” sophomore Lindsey McMath said about her father and social studies teacher, Todd McMath.

Although most students assume that having a parent on staff would be mortifying, these students take pleasure in the benefactors that come with it.

“I get many advantages, I get to park for free and people have more respect towards me,” senior Griffin Wattley said. “My closest friends get some benefits too, like when they are struggling with something, or have a question, my mom can help them out.”

Todd McMath shares the benefits he experiences as a result of working in his daughter’s place of learning. “I can keep track with her, I can encourage her to take classes that I know for sure will benefit her because I would know what’s best for her as a teacher and parent. I can also build her classes and pick her teachers,” McMath said. “If she was ever sick, needed to pay dues for a club, or anything it’d be convenient because I am right there in her place of learning.”

With every positive there is a negative; Griffin Wattley said one of the downfalls is that everyone expects you to be on your best behavior all the time, he also said that the perks outweigh the downfalls.  “One time I was on my phone in class, but people make mistakes,” he said. “I got in some trouble, and she helped by compromising the situation.

photo by Tianna Smith
Health Care teacher and mother Jan Dilbeck with daughter Jenna Dilbeck.

On average most would think that the parents do not have any disadvantages, Todd McMath said he personally hasn’t found any inconveniences due to working at his child’s place of learning.  “If there was an instance where a teacher with bad teaching ethics and my daughter had a misunderstanding I would then be place in an uncomfortable spot,” he said.

Jan Dilbeck said teaching at her daughter’s school doesn’t feel any different from working in any institution, Dilbeck only saw one downfall in working where her daughter learns, “The only thing that can be a bit difficult being a teacher and a parent are the moments when I have her friends in my class and I would need to enforce disciplinary action on them,” Jan Dilbeck said.

Her daughter, Jenna Dilbeck on the other hand was content after hearing her mothers comment. “I think it’s actually pretty funny when my mom had to discipline my friend cause now they kinda get an idea of what I go through at home when I get in trouble. She usually doesn’t even have to discipline them because all of my friends love my mom and don’t want to get into any trouble with her,” senior Jenna Dilbeck said.

photo by Tianna Smith
Administrator and mother Krystal Wattley with son and senior football player Griffin Wattley.

Overall these families take days one by one like any other day. Life is no different from anyone other person’s life in the eyes of these students and staff memebers.