by Ayeilie Mel, Staff Writer

Personality encompasses complex characteristics, qualities, and tendencies that sets an individual uniquely apart.  

During this phase in life, teens struggle to know their true identity. Some may simply look at magazines for answers and be satisfied with who they are. Others go deeper and take multiple personality tests. While there isn’t a an exact science to one’s personality, there are theories that help guide the way.

“I know who I am, others do not” said junior Robert Jordan.  “They follow others and don’t make decisions based on their wants. I  don’t want others options for my life. My environment made me this way and it’s how I was raised.”

Psychologist Sigmund Freud also believed environment influences personality. His theory revolves around subpersonalities called Id, Ego, and the Superego. They include your reactions, inner thoughts, and emotions. These develop in five psychosexual stages, which according to Freud, fully develops by the age of five.

“At five years old, we are too young to know our personalities and can’t decide what we like or not.”junior Destiny Cox said. “ We are constantly following others, so we do not fully know who we are until after high school when we are allowed to be ourselves.”

Although long-lasting traits form over time, factors can briefly alter your personality. When deprived of quality sleep, you may temporarily be irksome. Yet, if you have a mouth watering meal you are more likely to have an exuberant and gleeful attitude. Social media has also had a powerful influence on what is socially acceptable. Parents, staff, and some students were concerned by the jargon of language and how vulgar it became.

“I think how things become socially acceptable is through our surrounding and environment, but this has drastically changed since when I was younger. “ said psychology teacher Tracy Mayfield. Some words are used so often they are not even regarded as curse words or derogatory. As students get older I don’t think they cuss less but curse wisely.They learn the consequences and how it affects others.”

According to, “people with healthy personalities are able to cope with normal stresses and have no trouble forming relationships with family, friends, and co-workers” So it is normal to want  independence and acceptance from others. Whether it comes from clubs, sports, friends, family, or even religion. Although others can trigger reactions no one can tell you who you are. This comes from personal traits, qualities and tendencies that make up your personality.