“My dream is to one day become a professional artist who features all styles of art..”

by Logann Houston, Staff Writer

  • “My dream is to one day become a professional artist who features all styles of art..” (photo by Logann Houston)
  • Landingham tries to draw something out of the ordinary for himself in order to enhance his talents (photo by Logann Houston)

With a quiet and humble disposition, junior Bryce Landingham impresses many people with his talent, and he is never without his portfolio.

Bryce’s artistic strive started at the age of two, his talents blossomed from drawing objects to outlining facial structures. He now is in an art class at school to enhance his prodigious abilities.

“When I draw people I can see if they’re smiling,” Landingham said. “It just makes me happy.”

Bryce draws portraits of mostly celebrities who have inspired him. According to Landingham, music serves as an influence to him. When he listens to artists like Lauryn Hill, he imagines her, making it easier for him to draw a picture of her.

Just like any extracurricular activity, drawing can be hard to juggle with school. “Sometimes my artwork gets in the way of me being able to finish my school work,” Landingham said. Due to him having harder classes his junior year, he has had to focus less on his art work.

Landingham always finds time for his passion one way or another. He could draw all day if you let him. In consonance with Landingham, the maximum time it takes for him to draw a portrait is 24 hours. Landingham collects all of his portraits and makes printouts to be able to sell in the future as a professional artist.

Bryce has done many portraits and have put them on social media in attempt expose his artwork.  He has gotten help along the way. “I posted one of his portraits on Twitter and Instagram,” senior Alexis Burke said. Landingham has gotten a number of retweets and recognition from some of the celebrities he has done portraits for like Tyrese Gibson, Lynn Whitfield, and Karrueche Tran. “I just want to promote my art and eventually build a career around all of the arts,” Landingham said.

  Although Lockhart didn’t know about his art when he first met him, the aspect that caught his attention was Landingham’s personality and demeanor. “Bryce is very talented and it is just a matter of time before society and the world sees  how skilled he really is,” administrator James Lockhart said. Currently, Landingham is in the process of drawing a portrait of President Barack Obama’s inauguration for Lockhart.

“When I saw Bryce’s work, I was in awe at his God given talent,” language arts teacher  Pamela Henderson said. Henderson has received two portraits from Landingham, one of herself and the other of her granddaughter. Landingham never asked Henderson to pay for his work, but according to Henderson, the artwork was so extraordinary that she payed for one in gratitude of his talent and kindness.

“I think that Landingham pays meticulous attention to detail and prefers to draw in a style that is very realistic in black and white,” art teacher Danielle Mege said. According to Mege, Landingham is a very hard worker and she believes that he will go very far in the art world if he continues in the path he is taking.