by Sydney King, Staff Reporter, Assistant Photographer

Everyday, students stare at the clock, desperately waiting for the school day to end. An eight hour school day results in students being overworked, sleep-deprived, and drained; eventually, they are no longer learning but just going through the motions.

The county should make school days shorter and the school year longer. This will be beneficial for students by allotting time for productivity outside of school. Extra hours outside of school can contribute to increased community service, extracurricular activities, or study time. The spare time will  prevent stress, mental exhaustion, lack of attention span, and improve work quality when students are actually in school.

“I believe in making the school day more effective because we need to utilize the time more, we can also learn and grow through the experience. With having the school day effective this helps creates the school and making it more successful, maybe the school day shorter the students can retain the information better” administrator Joshua Ford said.

With 180 school days annually, students are expected to spend 1,440 of those hours learning, but the harsh reality is that the student will not retain half of what they learn that school year. The length of the school day can affect the amount of information a student will retain.

According to Stockholm University, thirty percent of high school students said they were stressed due to too much school work.The length of the school day affects the student by causing them to have loss of motivation, a sense of failure, decreased satisfaction, detachment to world, etc. Ways that you can change that are to adopt a healthy eating and sleeping habits, as well as learn how to manage stress coming from students being overworked and mentally drained.

According to the Association for Supervision Curriculum Development, twenty to thirty percent of high school students and six percent of middle school students fall asleep in school each day.  Given shorter school hours, students would be able to gain more sleep at home and they will not be as exhausted or drained as they would be during an eight hour school day.

“The school day should be shorter and school year longer because that gives more time to study, to work, and to participate in extracurricular activities,” senior Roderick Ransom said.

Shorten school days guarantee enhanced learning. The extra time can be utilized productively towards extracurricular activities, community service or simply extra study time. With their renewed focus, students will be able to perform better in the classroom and create a win-win situation for themselves, their schools, and their school district.