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by Kelechi Anyanwu, Staff Writer

“I feel great.” These three words were spoken by Ted Wiese to students at McEachern High school on April. 30th and will impact them greatly in life.

“I really always wanted to stand up in front of a group and speak,” Guest Speaker Ted Wiese said.

Wiese was born Indianapolis, Indiana and has spent his life helping others. In the past, Wiese worked for a non-profit organization before becoming a guest speaker. Wiese has been to over 1000 schools over his 19 years of being a speaker. Last year, Wiese was at Beta club convention where he drew the attention of McEachern Beta club.

“We met him when he spoke at the second general session for our state Beta club convention in 2015,” Beta club sponsor Barbara Bekye said. “He was very interactive with the students even though when we saw him last time he was in a group of 2500 students.”

During his speeches Wiese used activities in order to communicate a lesson, for the students. These activities range from stacking flashcards to creating a skit with a group. Each activity had a message that taught every student a lesson.

“He gave us a pack of hundred index cards and we had to build the tallest tower we could,” Senior Beta Club Vice-President.  “The skill he was trying to teach us was that you shouldn’t give up.”

One of the most important things Weise taught is that you should always feel great about yourself. His last activity had each student in groups chanting “I feel Great” at different times. It hasn’t been set for a date yet, but the Beta club plans to have Weise come again and speak sometime in the future. Weise coming back would be influential to students with many teachers and students awaiting his return.

Go to this link to see Ted Wiese Website and schedule your own for your School