by Andrew Okwuosah, Digital Editor

For some, a school is ranked by the prestige of their football or basketball team. However, for others, the rifle team is where it’s at.

“They compete and perform well just like any other team,” JROTC commander Brendan Harris said. “Anything that has the McEachern brand, you should want to have pride for it and support it. They represent McEachern well.”

The team’s competitions involve shooting pellet guns from three positions (lying down, on one knee, and standing up) at a distance of 10 meters (32.8 feet), and aiming for 10 targets. The team is ranked based on their shooting accuracy.

“The rifle team is another extension of this campus that allows students to feel a part of McEachern,” administrator Christi Osborne said. “I love the fact that we have different kinds of clubs and teams, so that everyone can find a group where they are comfortable.”

The McEachern rifle team gives the school another opportunity to express their school spirit, and is a valued member of its’ athletic portfolio.