by Tianna Smith, Publicist

McEachern is offering SAT and ACT prep again this year in order to encourage students who are taking the fast approaching tests on Oct. 24 and Nov. 7. The SAT and ACT are tests used by colleges to determine the applicant’s compatibility with the school the applicant is applying to.

Although the tests themselves are not solely what lands the student a spot at a local college or university, the scores catch the attention of schools and makes them want to know more about each applicant.

“Test scores are important because, although they do not define someone completely, they let us know if the student is capable of meeting the school’s academic requirements,” assistant to an Admissions Committee member Diane Ulett said. “It wouldn’t make sense to accept someone who wouldn’t be able to handle the expectations, and ultimately waste a lot of money that they could have put into another school where they excel.”

Students hope to use this as a big opportunity to place themselves above other applicants applying to their same school from different parts of the world.

“This SAT/ACT prep course is something I’m very grateful to have the chance to utilize. I want to score well because not going to college isn’t an option for me,” senior Michael Nwagbara said.

Teachers are also offering a helping hand by grading the practice tests given to the students for immediate feedback. By doing this, it gives the student a one up by seeing where they went wrong, and how to fix their mistakes.

In addition, teachers get to learn from the material students are being tested on and are somewhat able to prepare their students for future tests by teaching some recurring themes and curricula in their classrooms.

“Although I’m not teaching the SAT class this year, I have taught it for several years, and I think there is no better way for a student to prepare for the test than coming in to get live, on the spot feedback,” AP Language teacher Whitney Chandler said. “Students need to realize how lucky they are to have a school offering a class like this because there are many other students in different states or counties who aren’t afforded these opportunities.”

For those who are signed up to take the Oct. 24 and Nov. 7 tests, it is strongly suggested to attend the practice sessions and make use of the school’s resources.