by Ayeilie Mel, Staff Writer

Mixed emotions hit seniors at the end of high school, and the beginning of their future. For some, the future is a year away from academics.

A year between graduation and college is known as a gap year. Students who take this year off typically work, study abroad, travel the world, or stay at home. This allows them to have many experiences and gain flexibility no matter where they are placed. A year off also permits time to think, plan, and organize for their return.

“I think that taking a year off is a great idea and see no problem with it. If someone tells me they are not going to college than I am not going to think of them as less than me because I am going to college,” senior Kevin Torsel said.

Some however, strongly oppose this idea. Gap years can be detrimental in some cases because you are a year behind and can feel left behind since others move on to do things without you, damaging social life.

According to Rasmussen College, it is better to stay in college because you will get your degree faster and are more likely to finish your program.

“For me college has always a dream, and I feel that those who are not going to college are missing out on a lot life experiences.” senior Allen Cooper said.

As students look towards college, racking up money can be difficult so they work in order to steer away from debt caused by loans. A gap year can require as much or more money than going to a college, university, or any other postsecondary school because you have to pay for travel, gas for work, and more.

“I actually did want to take a gap year but my mom really wants me to go to college, and my sister who took a gap year advised me not to,” senior Monica Leon said. “For my sister, it was really difficult to get the money to go to college so she took a year off to work. When she finally got to college she felt a lot of pressure and was not as focused.”

Another problem students face is the battle of remembering their information.

“I think it’s a great idea to take a little break, but most people will forget all the material they learned in school  It will be a hard transition to learn the same or more material said Then they go to college and have to return to textbooks. I think it’s for the disciplined and those with the funds and it definitely has its pros and cons.” said marketing teacher Bryan Jacobson.

Despite many students considering the option of a gap year, few are actually going to take it. Even though having an extended time off of school sounds pleasurable, it can also be destructive.