Coffee house held in the Fine Arts building displays artwork from McEachern students in order to provide a broad view of art to the audience.

by De’Aira McCrory, Lead Photographer

Distracted by the size of the campus or the eye catching Jumbotron, many outsiders fail to see the real talent that McEachern offers. The campus shares a great diversity not only with different students but with the unique variety of clubs and events, one being Coffee House.

Coffee house has become apart of McEachen tradition. Known as a social event that is accompanied with entertainment created by students and faculty while being served with sweet finger foods and beverages; such as cookies, doughnuts, juice or coffee.

Directors in the fine arts department, Steven Jones, Brad Myer and Anthony Cananzi, organize this annual event to allow students and faculty a place to express themselves and showcase their talents.

Students who are interested are eligible to audition with material such as poetry, acting, singing, a comedy act, or any other acoustic performances.

Located in the studio room downstairs of the Fine Arts building, drama teacher Steven Jones goes all out to give the room a warm feeling.

Jones transforms his day-to-day drama classroom into the ideal night cafe with the lights turned down and black drapes hanging from the ceiling creating classic black backdrop which gives off an open mic night feel.

Along with giving performers a spotlight Jones frames the stage with an array of paintings designed by students which show cases their work while adding a splash of color to the scenery.

Open to the public with just the cost of five dollars everyone is welcomed to come to Coffee House. Performances range from a monologue piece to students singing an acoustic duet with a teacher,it is truly an amusing event.

Many people come with the intent of just socializing and having a cup of coffee but leave feeling inspired or uplifted by the talents and the performances students and faculty put together.