Senior Activities kicked off the year

by Jazmon Ross, Design Manager

Goodbye: the final salutation to peers and teachers expressed by seniors who are leaving their imprint on McEachern’s legacy. But before this goodbye is said aloud, memories are made, painting the campus blue and gold with participation, entertainment, and friendship.

It is easy to get caught up in nostalgia, but senior festivities will prepare students for the next chapter in life and build memories of a time that will never be forgotten. While a student’s final year is stamped by test taking, college applications, and study sessions, true remembrance lies in the activities that bring the senior class together.

The 2015 class kicked off their senior year during senior week: a dreary Monday was brightened up with a trip to Sparkles, where the students glided around our former middle school hangout with neon lights and the latest music. It was a throwback to their adolescent Friday nights, anticipating when the skates came off and the latest songs turned the rink into a dance floor. On Tuesday the seniors snacked and socialized with peers at the school picnic, trading potluck dishes over warm conversation. Wednesday night found class of 2015 huddled beneath blankets and sprawled on the 50 yard line for a movie night.  The 17 and 18 year olds revisited their childhood with “Monster’s Inc.”, enjoying the movie then just as much as they did the first time they saw it. Stars & Strikes made Thursday an arcade night, complete with bowling and all you can eat pizza. To conclude the week, all of the senior athletes were honored beneath the stadium lights for their performances on Senior Night, and joined fellow classmates for food and laughs at the MHS tailgate. Additionally, themed days such as Kindergarten Day, Senior Citizens Day, Neon Day, Decade Day and Super Spirit Day highlighted the entire campus with creative attire worn by seniors, in honor of themselves and their progress.

“All of the senior year activities are fun because it gives the seniors a chance to be wacky all around campus. The things we do for senior year make us feel special, like we finally get to reign over the underclassmen!,” senior Kahelia Rodney said.

A compilation of senior oriented activities lays the foundation for an enriching year that seniors will never forget nor regret. Festivities are not used to distract students from the task at hand but merely relieves them from the workload of class assignments, stressed ensued by college prep, and the pressure of succumbing to senioritis. It is also an opportunity for teachers to witness the students that they have taught, counseled, rewarded, and disciplined, come together as one and relish in the success of their concluding year and years to come.

To each its own, every student is important and gifted, but senior activities recognize specifically upperclassmen who have dedicated themselves to enhancing their academic performances, senior athletes who have excelled on and off the field, and a class of students who want nothing more than to experience a senior year that will be lodged in their minds forever.