Varsity boys’ soccer team stages a comeback after five years

Tianna Smith, Staff Writer

The Varsity Boys Soccer team is the talk of the Indian Nation.
For the first time in five years, the boys have made it to State, and are now down the final “Sweet Sixteen”.
“I’m proud of my team. We just have to play game by game and stay focused,“ senior striker Jezer Rodas said. “As a player and a senior, going to state makes me feel as if we’re making history at this school. I think our physical strength and our change in attitude and mentality is what helped us make it this far; we’ve focused more on our goal and where we want to go.”
As a team they have proven on more than one occasion that a challenge is nowhere near enough to discourage them.
The road to success was not an easy one; the constant responsibility of having to stay focused on the field and in school gave the players a task that would test both their physical and mental capabilities.
“I have 42 players and 23 of them have a 3.0 GPA or better. That’s one of the biggest things I have to be proud of. And regarding the game, they came together and worked hard even in the off season,” soccer coach Mike Lockridge said.
For the senior players, this accomplishment is the highlight of their athletic career.
They were trained from the ground up as freshman and the results of the commitment and continuous efforts are paying off.
“It makes me happy and humble to know that we have made it this far,” senior defensive player Jesus Angel said. “We’ve given our all in every practice and every game to make it to the state playoffs. But I’m most proud of my team; they are a group of men who will play their hearts out.
And people have taken notice of the efforts exuded by this team of zealous athletes. The entire school is bursting with pride at the team’s accomplishment, from the administration on down to the student body.
Their accomplishment is beyond just making it to the state playoffs; they have risen the standard and quality for the future of the soccer team.
“They’ve been playing together for a couple of years now and they know where each other are on the field,” administrator James Lockhart said. “They connect better together as a team, and that’s one of the major differences I see this year.”
Such a bond between teammates cannot be easily broken.
Between their brotherhood and skill as a team, making it to the state level was almost guaranteed.
The product of each time the team plays together builds the structure and foundation of the unbreakable team.
The boys are leaving behind the legacy of what a true team can get through with hard work, dedication, and a little bit of sweat.
No matter the outcome, this year’s soccer team bleeds blue and gold, and will leave it all on the field.