Brown hair and brown eyes, four foot 11 inches, senior Amanda Ellsworth has strength to conquer any challenge. Ellsworth was born Feb. 19, 1998 during afternoon rush hour and has been a force to be reckoned with ever since.

“She’s strong minded, people person, and a team player,” social studies teacher Damian Mitchell said.

Ellsworth has demonstrated qualities of a team player ever since a young age. This is shown in her eight years cheerleading and having to work with a team. It shouldn’t come to a surprise then that she’s joining the Air Force after high school, becoming a part of another team.

“I’ll be in school, during my four years based outside the country,” Ellsworth said.

The thought of free education and traveling is what inspired Ellsworth to join the Air Force. This lead Ellsworth to take the ASVAB, surprising examiners by passing on her first try. Ellsworth swore in at Fort Gillem on Feb. 22, 2016. Being in the Air Force can be a difficult path, but Ellsworth has shown that she can endure anything.

When Ellsworth was three, she accidentally fell out her family’s condo window. Ellsworth’s heart stopped beating with the paramedics revived her. Now she carries a crack in her skull that has begun to fade, serving as reminder that she can survive anything.

“Amanda is pretty strong, so I think she’ll do fine,” senior Ahmad Murchison said.

Ellsworth begins basic training in late June at Lackland Air Force Base, for six to eight weeks. Afterwards, she will be located anywhere around the world. School and the Air Force might seem difficult to balance, but when Ellsworth puts her mind to it the word impossible doesn’t exist.

by Kelechi Anyanwu, Staff Writer

Amanda Ellsworth, Staff Writer

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