Sophomore Sydney King’s physically small stature does not do justice for her lack of fear and big heart.


At a young age King was visiting her grandparents house, as she was playing with their dog it got loose and bit her multiple times in the face, back, and stomach causing her to get eighteen stitches.


“When I saw the dog get off the leash my mind was running wild, but my body felt as if it was paralyzed,” King said.


Her grandparents ended up getting another dog years later and King fell in love at first sight.


“I just love dogs in general, I feel that all dogs are not vicious but just need some training,” King said.


King does not think that her grandparents’ dog struck her in particular; he was just trying to get the treat that she was teasing him with.


She feels that everyone makes mistakes, because it is just a part of life.


“We all live and learn from our mistakes, and mine just so happened to be a foolish, lousy mistake,” King said.


Since then King has had a passion for animals, including dogs, showcasing her spirit. King spends a majority of her free time volunteering at the vet grooming, walking and playing with the dogs.


After she finishes high school she hopes to attend a college that is fit for her love of animals and can help further her future in the veterinary field.


She plans on using the skills that she receives from volunteering at her local vet to eventually one day become a cat and dog veterinarian.
She is not alone on her journey, King has her parents right there next to her supporting her every step.

Sydney King, Staff Writer

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