Carnell Lyon might not seem like the most exciting student on the exterior, but it’s his motivation for the future that makes the sophomore unique.

Lyon’s drive to become an aerospace engineer, and realization of the task’s rigorous requirements drives him towards his highly studious mentality.

“I don’t think of myself as a smart guy,” Lyon said. “I just think of myself as someone who studies a lot. I realized at a very young age that what I do now will influence my tomorrow. My family’s always asking ‘Why can’t you believe in the good aspects of life’ and I say to them that it isn’t real.”

Lyon believes this mentality comes from his acceptance into the gifted program during his fifth grade year at Varner Elementary.

“If you try hard in your education, you can get good things in the future,” Lyon explained.

Despite this, the stress brought on by this passion to succeed does get to Lyon, but he relies on video games and family to get through it.
“They’re the things I can depend on for dealing with intense stress,” Lyon said. “Trying to sit for several hours and study a book — you’re going to get bored.”

Carnell Lyon, Staff Writer

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