Like mother like daughter; senior Chrystal Nwaogu comes from a long line of strong women, and such strength is reflected in her demeanor.

“Getting older, you make mistakes and different experience just shows you what to do. You have to step up,” Chrystal said.

As the oldest child, Chrystal was born into the role of a leader and caretaker. From first steps to her first grip on a stirring wheel, she’s had to live a life of example; constantly being observed by her two younger siblings. In her leadership position, she’s had to learn how to balance the art of being a sibling and a friend, but also being a second mother.

But the senior’s motherly aura often clashes with her blunt demeanor, her large and giving heart masked by her cool eyes and calculating gaze. Her sharp tongue and “tell like it is” attitude may come off as rude to strangers, but stems from astute observations and notices what- and who- is usually unseen.

Story can be told that during junior year, she noticed one girl, singled out to continuous bullying by the hands of her peers. However, unlike the crowd Chrystal had the desire to help. After pulling the victim aside Chrystal discovered troubling news about her living situation. Instead of succumbing to peer pressure, Chrystal did the unthinkable: she empathized with her, buying her toiletries and even niceties such as perfume and facial scrubs.

“I didn’t really think it was a big deal. It’s just something small that she couldn’t get for herself that I could provide so there was no reason for me not to help,” Chrystal said.
A monumental gesture seems miniscule in the eyes of Chrystal. She displays modesty that magnifies the grace and strength of her character.

Chrystal Nwaogu, Senior Editor/Photographer

May 15, 2015
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