Senior Felicha Laforest uses her creativity to view the world in with fresh eyes and a new perspective.

She believes that creativity enhances everything, and broadens everyone’s artistic horizon. To express her creativity, some of the outlets she uses are dancing, drawing, makeup, and fashion design.

“Dancing is beautiful. You can express yourself through a song with no words or simply dance moves,” Felicha said.

Felicha has a true love for dancing, and jazz is the most beloved type of dancing to her. However, she also likes hip-hop, interpretive, spiritual, and stepping. She feels like when she is dancing she is entering a new world.

The dancer is also dipping her hand in fashion design. She began designing through simple means; her mother bought her a skirt that she did not like, so she turned it into something she did like. The fashion newbie took to a sewing machine and turned the skirt into shorts. Now, she hopes to venture onto other clothing items in the future.

Drawing is another of her many talents. At a young age she developed a love for art and drawing. Her bedroom walls are decorated with artfully drawn words that help her reflect and describe her mood, showing an expressive side to her personality.

Not only does she do creative things, but the junior enjoys watching others’ creativity just as much. She watches YouTube to learn new dance lessons, make-up tutorials, and do it yourself projects among other things. She eventually plans to start her own YouTube channel.

“What I plan to do with my knowledge is show people that it is possible to create things that you never thought you could make. The possibilities are endless,” Felicha said.

Felicha Laforest, Assistant Editor

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