Positivity is not something many people can consistently sport throughout their lives, but Kassidi Reid is an intelligent, sassy, and mature sophomore who knows exactly what she wants out of life, which is to become an entrepreneur. The self-motivated cheerleader lives by a positive attitude and always tries her best to bring others up rather than letting them put her down. She does this by keeping a smile on her face, rain or shine. “I don’t like to surround myself with negative people, but if they are negative, I’ll tell myself ‘find a way to be positive,’” Reid said.

The varsity cheerleader takes pride in her accomplishments and her love for cheer is evident in her life. “I’ve been cheering since before I even started pre-k. I started off in rec and then I got into competition, and cheer has been my whole life,” said Reid. “Honestly, without cheer, I don’t know what I would do with my life.” She spends her free time doing what she loves but she doesn’t let that cloud her social life. Kassidi’s bubbly personality gives her the ability to adapt to any situation.

She makes others feel comfortable with her and comfortable with being themselves. Her kind heart and eagerness to help don’t allow her to turn away from others, especially in a time of need. “I’m very understanding, and I think that there’s always a reason someone acts the way they do, so if there’s something wrong with someone, I won’t turn a blind eye.” Her readiness allows her to jump into any situation knowing she has the ability to do it.

Young and headstrong, Kassidi also realizes that although friends and peers are important, they don’t make up her entire life. She likes to draw the line when it comes to making decisions that directly impact her life. “I’m definitely independent because you always have to have your own back like Beyonce’s song Me, Myself, & I. Nobody’s going to be in the coffin with you and you can’t expect others to always have your back.” With the hunger for success and the positivity to get her through life, she advises others to “do you, boo,” the sophomore said.

Kassidi Reid, Staff Writer

Nov 02, 2015
Oct 01, 2015
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