Known for her sunny disposition, the source of junior Lindsey Camp’s joy is from the Lord, expressed through her love of worship and music.

“I love to worship because it puts my two favorite things together: God and singing,” junior Lindsey Camp said.

What she enjoys most about singing to God is the way it makes her feel.

“I start shaking,” Camp said. “I can just feel His spirit.”

Her places of worship include the First Baptist Church of Powder Springs and the Garage. The Garage is a meeting place for her church’s youth, and though Lindsey has often been asked to sing on stage, she always declines due to nervousness.

Aside from church, Camp spends her Sundays with her best friend in a hammock reading the Bible and talking about life. They reflect and discuss their problems, asking themselves “What would God want us to do?” as for how to deal with them.

“God is the central point in my life, and it’s from Him that I gain guidance and reassurance as how to deal with my problems,” the debout worshipper said.

Apart from dreams of being a college graduate and possibly owning a daycare, Camp, who just recently went to Mexico, would like to be a missionary as an adult. With an ambition to go to Haiti and Africa, she is inspired to help others by the love that she has for God.

“I just know that God’s going to be there the whole way through,” Camp said.

And as she acknowledges God through worship and love, Camp will continue to trust Him to direct her in her paths.

Lindsey Camp, Website Designer

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