Junior Tianna Smith is a character of mixed behaviors and personalities which all intermingle to create a very interesting person.

“I’m laidback, but it depends on the situation. I’m coercive, but that depends on the crowd,” Smith said.

With every situation, she naturally manages to adjust to the setting. If people are lively, she is lively. If people are bored, she is bored, unless she feels the need to liven things up herself.

“I don’t sugarcoat; I tell it as it is,” Smith said.

Tianna is straightforward and direct. She doesn’t hide the truth. No cliches like, ‘If you put your heart into it, you can do anything.’ “Some people are born with it, and some people are born without it. That’s how life works, it’s survival of the fittest.” Smith said.

Tianna holds to the world’s realism, to look at the facts and not deceitful dreams. She is a realist which attracts people looking for her wise advice.

“When people have problems they come to me. I’ve often been called a mediator,” Smith said.

Her maturity is met with her occasional goofiness. A class in a dull working environment would be brightened with her occasional bursts of happiness. From fits of dance to joyful speech, Tianna manages to transform the mood into something more euphoric.

“I’m goofy all the time around my friends,” Smith said. “I love to smile and laugh, but when people see me walking on campus they say I look really mean when in reality I’m extremely approachable.”

Despite her goofiness and varying casualness, she retains her focus by constantly pushing toward her goal of becoming an anesthesiologist.

“I’m an ambitious, lazy person,” Smith said. “If it’s something I need in life, I’m going to try hard at it and I will get to it but if it’s something I don’t feel like doing I won’t do it.”
Smith chooses to work hard at what she believes is important because she is the only person in control of her bright future.

Tianna Smith, Publicist

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