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Aisling McHenry-Steele
Aisling McHenry-Steele has a laugh that’s full of life; her interests and passions are the same way.

Fitting inside any boxes isn’t what she’s known for.  “She likes a lot of things that I don’t see a lot of other people at this school liking,” Justin Burnley said. She has an interest in things from different cultures that ranges from comics to British television. "Her admiration for other cultures is also seen in the types of people that she surrounds herself with" Burnley stated, “I’ve always seen her hanging around different people.”

McHenry-Steele sits with perfect posture, stars in her eyes as she talks about her passion for other people’s cultures. Her dichromatic eyes widen just slightly, and she smiles wistfully. She is about average height in stature but her expressions are larger than life.

Growing up with missionary grandparents, she would sit with them and listen to their stories. Through them, she learned about the world outside her own. Wide-eyed and at full attention, she heard about the different places they went and the different people they encountered.

The stories resonated by her grandparents remain with her to this day. “There’s so many different cultures and ethnicities,” she said. “We’re all sharing the same planet and yet we’re so different.” This awareness of differences isn’t a negative fact to her; where others may only see differences, she sees unique factors that make the world a little better to live in.

Language was the start of her love for life. “Seeing how diverse our planet is really what got me interested in it,” she stated. Whether it’s singing or speaking in a language other than her own, she truly has a passion for the features of other people’s cultures. Understanding these aspects, in her opinion, is something that can aid in understanding the person. Her own family is perhaps what she loves most about her life.

Moving from different places can give someone a different outlook. McHenry-Steele is an only child, currently living with her mother. She said, “She’s always been a positive constant in my life.” She lived in Florida until she was eight years old and has attended different middle and high schools.

Today, it seems more like differences in culture divide us all more than ever. However, in a world and environment defined by the ways that people are so dissimilar, McHenry-Steele looks at these things with a smile and an amazed spark in her eye.

Aisling McHenry-Steele, Staff Writer

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