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Alexis Moreno
With homelessness typically being associated with the lowest point in someone’s life, Alexis Moreno considered it however as the total opposite.

“Even though we were technically at a low point in our lives, my mom and I made the best things out of nothing,” Moreno said. “Sometimes we're sad, but in the memories that I do have, the happy outweigh the bad.”

Remembering the good times that she spent living in a trailer with little money and constantly worrying about the hardships to come the next day, the memories Moreno made with her mom were the best memories she can ever recall.

“Alexis is a very prosperous person and strives to be the best person she can be,” sophomore best friend Kiara Daniel said.

She's a fair skinned girl with a professional bob hair cut, which she takes pride in. Moreno carries herself in a classy manner when she is in public, walking with her head held high greeting people with a smile as they walk by.

“Alexis doesn't let anything stand in the way of her success not even her past,” Daniel said.

Alexis is an A/B honor roll student and takes part in clubs and activities at school. She is the driver of the robotics club, leading the robotics team to victory in their competitions in the 2015-2016 school year. Being on the robotics team as a driver is significant because there are very few girls that are seen at competitions.

“Alexis is our driver and she is amazing,” robotics club director Paul Eubanks said. “She’s a fanatical driver, and vicious on court.”

Moreno is a great singer and is apart of the McEachern High School chorus, was once in martial arts until she moved to a different state, and on top of all of the skills she has, she is also apart of the newspaper staff at McEachern High School.

Despite the tribulations Moreno has encountered throughout her life, when Alexis commits to something she goes all out.

“Whenever you need someone to talk to, Alexis is always there for you,” sophomore Sydney Lynch said.

Many describe Alexis as a very smart, loyal, and honest student.

“That girl's going places,” Eubanks said.

Alexis Moreno, Staff Writer

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