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Anais Hinds
Several pictures line her walls which share a story to the world. They depict an adventure so far spread out, that it impacted the very person.

Junior Anais Hinds is now 17 years old, with curly dark brown hair, she is full of life and joy as she goes on with her life. She enthusiastically talks about the places she has been, seen, and even lived as she grew up moving from place to place with her family.

“I’ve known Anais since the summer since the summer before the sixth grade,” Brandi Garcia, Hinds best friend, said. Garcia describes White as, “Anais has a very open personality. She is outgoing and when you get to know her, she is amazing. She is easy to open up to, and Anais is smart. She focuses on school and she really actually tries to get good grades.”

Hinds moved around the country frequently because of job opportunities for her dad, “We tend to travel a lot because of my dad’s job since he is construction worker, a miner, and he’s a painter also,” she said. “It was mostly about painting houses and fixing the interiors of houses.” 

Hinds and her family travel around the country by taking road trips. Once, they traveled from Kansas to Virginia to surprise H’s father. 18 hours in a car with a newborn baby, 3 other children, including Hinds, and her mother. When he was off work for the holiday, the family would travel to Georgia from Kansas. It was an almost 15 hour drive with the family.

The longest time that Hinds lived in one place was Lexna, Kansas, she lived there for five years. When she would move from place to place, school to school, she would feel really uncomfortable because she was always the new kid, and with the new kid comes new trouble.

“You have to find your way around the school. Now I’m kinda used to it and more like interested in moving around. Since the ideal job I want to do is international trade and and travel with my business or group,” she said. 

Till it is time to move once again towards a new adventure, she’s okay with where she is.

Anais Hinds, Staff Writer

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