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Angellina Thomas
Angelina may appear as the average high school junior but behind closed doors, our heroine steps into a world of fantasy with magical powers beyond comprehension.

An outgoing, intelligent, sweet caring individual, Thomas is a 17 year old, with brown hair and big crystal blue eyes who spends her days filled with gaming and fantasy.

Thomas and her dad share the same interests, “My daughter was shown interest in fantasy, video games, and reading books. So I got back into it so that she could enjoy mental inspiration and the increase of amount imagination," her dad said.

Thomas found a particular interest in a fantasy tabletop role-playing game which can change reality into fantasy: Dungeons and Dragons. Through playing this game, she has jumped into a world of heroes and villains. “As I play different character role-playing as another character and being who you want to be,” Thomas said.

Dungeons and Dragons has affected Thomas positively,“It opens up my social life and I have earned new skills meeting new people with the same interest or different interest as well as they give you advice," she said.

In the future, Thomas wants to become a comic book artist. She wants to tell a story through her work and playing through dungeon crawls, role playing as a legendary druid of yore, and being around friends and other people who tell stories in their own way has inspired her to do the same through art.

She wants to make people feel the emotions of the characters thought their eyes ups and downs like riding a roller coaster with twist and turns getting that feeling of butterflies,bubbles.

On her journey, Thomas and her Dungeons and Dragons team shall face battle every Wednesday night. She tries to enjoy the journey with family, friends and share ideals in life. Hopefully, her individuality might inspire others to find their spark.

Angellina Thomas, Staff Writer

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