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Ansley Mbah
While senior Ansley Mbah may come off as shy and timid, once she warms up to you you’ll soon discover that she has her mind set on the stars.

Both of Mbah’s parents immigrated to the United States from Nigeria, so both Nigerian and American culture have had a significant impact on her life. As a result, Ansley views the world as one big boiling pot for culture. She realized that the world offers so many unique cultural viewpoints, and believes that people should learn to accept each other’s differences.

Mbah’s dream job is to be a radiologist. Radiologists are medical doctors (MDs) who specialize in diagnosing and treating diseases and injuries using medical imaging techniques. She feels as if this career path will take her where she plans to go in life.

“Radiology offers a path that would help me support my future family and allow me to be there for those in need of care,” Mbah said.

Ansley’s main mission is to care for others, a family and pursuing a career in radiology would help her do just that. Anyone that has the opportunity to talk with her will instantly see that she’s extremely concerned about the wellbeing of others. Her heart is welcoming to everyone.

However above everyone , Mbha’s family comes first always. Mbah considers her family to be the most important people in her life because she can always count on them to be able to confide in. Mbah’s family feels the exact same way about her.

“My daughter reads me like a book; she knows when I’m sad, when I’m happy, and she’s always beside me,’’ Linda Mbah said.

With Mbah’s big heart and caring attitude, her path to becoming a radiologist will definitely come easy to her.

Ansley Mbah, Staff Writer

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