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Ayeilie Mel
Junior Ayeilie Mel picks up her pen and with swift strokes, and she is instantly transported to her personal place of serenity. “I didn’t know Ayeilie liked to write seriously. I see her writing things but I don’t really think much of it,” close friend sophomore Marshara Lovelace said. While writing Mel is able to transform into any identity imaginable. “Writing is my leisure; it helps me relax because I’m able to escape into my own world,” Mel said. Mel enjoys writing in her journal or looking online for prompts and just scribbling away. By recounting what happens in her life, Mel is able to write stories that help her connect to other people on a personal level. Mel once wrote for an online blog for teenage girls where they post and share stories with others who may be going through the same things. “My favorite things to write about are experiences that people can relate to and learn from,” Mel said. When not sharing her common struggles with others, Mel can be found writing in her journal about simple topics such as her feelings at the moment or how her day is going. She does a lot of free hand writing in her spare time to relieve stress. “Looking back at the things I’ve written helps me to see how much I’ve grown and developed,” Mel said.  Mel’s passion for writing is what sparked her interest in journalism. Journalism has combined her zeal for writing with her bubbly personality to create the journalist she is today.

Ayeilie Mel, Staff Writer

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