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Briana Clinkscales
A little girl slips her small feet into her mother’s big heels and has a purse around her wrist. She has class and sass. Junior Briana Clinkscales has three loves: singing, fashion, and journalism. Between the three, her love for fashion outweighs the rest. The adoration for fashion has been in play ever since she could remember. Briana’s future plans are to to attend American University in Washington D.C., become a journalist, and share her love for fashion through an editorial fashion column. As one of her fashion outlets, Briana collect shoes; unlike many teenagers, she buys shoes off of the look not the popularity of their brand. “If it looks good then I’m going to wear it,” Briana said. Briana got into sneakers because of her step dad. One day he bought her a pair of Jordan retro fives, and ever since then she’s been hooked. “Ever since he brought us sneakers I started to ask for them more, and ever since then I’ve been wanting them,” Briana said. Now Briana owns between forty to fifty pairs of sneakers. Briana described her style as androgynous with a touch of feminism. She can dress it up or dress it down; however, not matter the occasion she always makes sure her outfits are both comfortable and stylish. “I got my style from my mom and my step dad, my style is theirs put together," Briana said. "My mom cares a lot about the clothes while my step dad focuses on the shoes.” Her family shaped her style and inspired her fashion sense. "Me and my sister have similar styles and we are close in age so we both developed what we wear and how’d we wear it and how we would style our clothes based off of them." “We would see my mom wearing something and want to dress like her. We used to walk around the house in her heel and boots and want to be like her,” Briana said. Briana ultimately believes that style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak.  

Briana Clinkscales, Lead Editor

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