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Caitlin Whisby
Caitlin Whisby is a fraternal twin. Though fraternal twins are developed from separate eggs and therefore genetically distinct and not necessarily of the same sex or more similar than other siblings, Whisby and her twin look and act alike, have the same interests, and even get the same hairstyles. However, Caitlin is indeed an individual. From small features like the gap in her twins teeth, to more noticeable features like facial birthmarks, this unique pair of twins’ individual features will take them down two different paths in life.

Caitlin and her sister are both involved in the anime club and journalism at McEachern. In almost everything they do, one of them develops an idea first, then the other twin follows right behind. Caitlin and her twin sister Camille first became anime fans in 2014 when a friend of Camille’s introduced her to it, and of course, like the domino effect, Caitlin was interested as well.

“When Camille started watching anime, I automatically started watching it too because I wanted to have another reason to relate to her,” Caitlin said.

Despite all of their similarities, twins Caitlin and Camille are notably different. While Camille aspires to teach English abroad, Caitlin hopes to become an entertainment reporter. Since she was a kid, she’d watch award shows and see people asking celebrities questions and getting the inside scoop.

“Ever since I saw what a reporter does, it made me want to do the same thing,” Whisby said. “I told myself ‘one day, I’m going to have their job’.”

Caitlin Whisby, Staff Writer

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