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Cameron Sanders
Junior Cameron Sanders emanates a kind of confidence that grows stronger in turmoil.

The young man who keeps his head held high claims to have acquired his self-assurance through sports. His assertiveness stems from his competitive spirit that is a result of past experiences that left him feeling as though it was him against the world.

“I feel that life is a mental game,” Sanders said.

As a child on the hefty side, Sanders’ confidence was lacking in his youth. That changed though during a football game.

In a match reminiscent of the famed standoff between David and Goliath, a 5 feet 2 inches tall Sanders was pitted against Garrison Riley, a 5 feet 7 inches tall boy who had a reputation for obliterating the competition.

The first three times the two faced off, Riley lived up to his reputation and it seemed as though there was nothing that Sanders could do to hinder his progress. On the fourth line up though, the smaller boy, bearing a broken toenail and exhibiting a determined disposition, shoved the Goliath into the rugged turf.

“This basically showed me that anything is possible when you believe and that fear kills dreams,” Sanders said.

Before this incident, Sanders described himself as a nerd who loved pizza, Ninja Turtles, and Dragon Ball Z; but his entire demeanor changed after that life-changing match-up. He became more athletic and sure of himself; some may even go as far as to classify him as arrogant. Regardless, he feels as though his confidence has changed his life for the better.

Cameron Sanders, Staff Writer

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