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Camille Whisby
In this age of email, smartphones, and digital print, and technological advances, sophomore Camille Whisby chooses to interact with others traditionally through paper and pen.
Camille was 14 years old when she received her first pen pal from Eagle Mountain, Utah. The first letter she received was difficult to connect with because the writer was younger than Whisby and the handwriting was difficult to read. That however did not discourage Camille. In as little time as six months later, Camille had been writing more and more often to seven pen pals, including ones from Texas, California, Germany, and England.
“I enjoy writing to others because I get to learn about other parts of the world, their culture, and experience life from a different perspective,” Whisby said.
Although topics range, Whisby’s letters are filled with talk of Anime and Korean Pop subjects dear to her heart. This allows her to connect with those who enjoy the same artistic and music styles.
“Since writing to others, Camille has been open to others outside her world,” twin sister Caitlin said. “It has made her more outgoing and boosted her confidence.”
Camille hopes to one day teach English abroad and uses her writing skills in journalism to push her closer to her forthcoming goals.

Camille Whisby, Staff Writer

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