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Canaan Lee
With a lively spirit that fills any room he enters, junior Canaan Lee does whatever necessary to keep himself, and those around him, in good spirits.

He makes himself happy first and foremost, and one of his primary means of doing so is through the production of his own music. When producing he only concerns himself with generating a melody that he would like, and does not need his tastes validated by anyone else.

“I love listening to music and making it myself allows me to make sure that it’s something I want to hear,” Lee said. “I don’t have to only listen to what’s popular right now. If I want to hear a smooth jazz beat or something, I can make that for myself; to make me happy.”

Another thing that makes Lee happy is sprinting. He has avidly participated in track and field since he was six-years-old and says that the sport has played an important role in developing his work ethic. One of his least favorite races to run is the 400 meter dash, but he uses that race to prepare him for all of his other sprints.

“It’s really good for building stamina for your other races,” Lee said. “If you can run a good four then you can do well in the other sprints.”

Canaan’s work ethic and amiable personality make him a unique component of the Tribal Times staff. From his perspective, the feeling is mutual as he feels the class’s impact on his writing skills make him more prepared for the work place.

“I feel like this class betters my writing skills a lot, and has made me better at researching information,” Lee said. “In any job you are going to have to write reports and express ideas, and I just want to make sure that I’m prepared for that.”

Canaan’s cheerful disposition is invaluable, and all those around him tend to mimic his enthusiasm. He skillfully blends silly jokes with serious statements, a unique trait that makes him an individual so many feel lucky to know.

Canaan Lee, Staff Writer

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