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Jedidah Taylor
Her personality is bigger than her hair, and that’s saying something. The dark rambunctious curls piled atop her head only add to her enigmatic aura, the bull nose ring and colorful head scarves simultaneously cementing her gypsy style and setting her apart. She is eclectic, she is bright, she is bursting with life and teeming with uniqueness; she is Jedidah Taylor, a girl entirely unto herself. Born in Riverside, California, the SoCal native waved goodbye to palm trees and sandy beaches in 2009, trading in the west coast lifestyle for Georgia peaches and wet heat. The move was hard on the 10 year old, but change was nothing new to her. Even at that young age, she’d already attended six different elementaries, and now as a junior has a total of 12 schools under her belt- even homeschooling at some point. Yet contrary to the constant change, many of her friends from childhood remain some of her closest friends today. “Making relationships last is something I really value because I didn’t always have steady relationships; so when I find someone I like I hold onto them. Things aren’t forever, so you have to make whatever time you have in that situation the best you can,” the wise sixteen year old said. That wisdom not only comes from her experiences, but from her struggles also. Throughout middle school, the teen struggled with body image, feeling self-conscious and plagued by the desire to “be like everyone else.” But through her inner strength and a growing confidence, she not only learned self acceptance, but to attain happiness for herself. “Part of growing up is learning to accept yourself. If you don’t love yourself, who will,” the now confident Jedidah said. Somewhere along the way, the senior not only learned to love herself but to love life, evident in her zeal and passion. She embraces life with wide eyes and opens arms, and it’s obvious that life is loving her right back.

Jedidah Taylor, Managing Editor

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