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Kaliyah White
Kaliyah White is only a freshman and hasn't experienced much of life, but she somehow holds the ambition of someone much older.

“I feel I have matured over the years and being in sports has helped me become well rounded,” White said.

White, is a 14 year old female who appears as if she is well reserved and into her work. However, she has played softball and basketball, something many may not expect from her. She describes sports as a way to step out of her usual comfort zone.

“Sports have made me more flexible, and aware,” White said. “In middle school I acted fast and didn't think out my thoughts on the court and in class. When my coaches started to speak to me I became more quiet and began to observe more.”

White began her journey of becoming a better person and learning to be more thoughtful about her actions when she traveled to a tournament with her basketball team. She was very confident they were going to win but that didn't go as planned.Watching footage of the team she lost to taught her a lesson that there is always someone better and you have to put in a lot of work to be better than you were last game.

White also picked up a well needed habit of being able to adjust and manage school with her passion through playing sports. This habit molded her into a well rounded person.

“I’ve been coaching Kaliyah for about two years now, and she is by far one of the most well rounded individuals who I’ve coached. She has drive, she’s grown to focus and listen and step out her comfort zone. It’s hard for her personality to not make you love her,” Coach Will said.

There's more to White than a girl who just likes sports. On her free time she usually writes for fun. White has won awards that highlight her ability to be descriptive and keep the attention of her readers.

Kaliyah White, Staff Writer

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