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Kelechi Anyanwu
“So did I tell you the story when?” is a phrase you become accustomed to hearing when senior Kelechi Anyanwu is around. His 6-foot-3 lanky height and animated hand gestures bring his never ending stories to life.

“I’ve never seen him upset, as soon as you see him he’s waiting with a smile and wave to greet you,” Government teacher Todd McMath said.

Anyanwu’s goofy personality bursts through his rambling words that spill out of his mouth.

“I don’t know why I tell so many stories,” Anyanwu said. “I think I just want people to know my stories for entertainment.”

One thing that becomes apparent when talking to Anyanwu; his love for tennis. In the third grade, Kelechi and his older brother, Ndubusi, bonded by watching a show named the Prince of Tennis together. One day, the  boys stumbled into a Wilson tennis racket in the garage and the young eight year old knew that the sport was destined for him.

“Kelechi always has some odd adventure to share, but the way he tells his tennis stories in particular, you can tell that he’s so passionate that you can’t help but listen.” senior Marco Ortiz said.

Anyanwu admits that he hasn’t always been so outspoken, but his love for tennis has given him more than enough to talk about. Whether you’ve known him for years or only a few moments Anyanwu’s storytelling will never fail to bring a smile and laugh out of anyone he meets.

Kelechi Anyanwu, Staff Writer

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