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Lauryn Harris
A separation between your parents would usually have a negative impact but for Lauryn Harris that was not the case.

When you take a glimpse at Harris you perceive a sparkling smile that lights up the room immeasurably. She provides generosity and exhilaration to every person she encounters. During an astounding childhood filled with smiles and delight, Harris received news that her parents were going to be getting a divorce.

“I feel as if my parents’ divorce made me more independent because my mom did not need anyone’s help so that shows me I do not need anyone’s help,” Harris stated.

The mutual split between her mother and father allowed a shy and timid Harris to become more independent because of her mother’s strength after the divorce. By observing her independent mother flourishing without a male in her life, Harris knew she could do the same.

At the young age of 10, Harris could see her mother doing things a stereotypical father figure does. In the scorching summer sun, her mother would be outside mowing the broad green grass to ensure the outside of her house continued looking pleasant. Witnessing a strong and successful woman at a young age had a substantial impact on Harris and how she now lives her life.

“During my childhood I saw all the women in my family be successful and it made me want to be successful too,” Harris said.

Though Harris does not have a specific career goal currently, she aspires to be someone’s inspiration like the women in her life are an inspiration to her.

Lauryn Harris, Staff Writer

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