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Logann Houston
Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, Logann Houston goes to dance practice at CK DanceWorks for three hours each night priming her dance skills.

“I’ve been dancing since I was two, my family said they knew I was a dancer in the womb,” Houston said.

Before CK DanceWorks, Houston went to another dance program and was in the top competitive dance leagues. When she first auditioned for Dance Factory, they placed her in the competitive style dance instead of the recreational. When Houston turned 10, she auditioned again and skipped the second highest class, and went  straight to the highest class ‘elite’ in the 5th grade. However, being younger than the other dancers in 'elite', the dance instructors thought she would be better suited for the second highest class. 

“I spent a year in senior elite and was always in the front and had featured spots in every dance before eventually moving into elite. I stayed there for 2 more years until I moved to CK DanceWorks,”  Houston said.

Once Houston moved to CK DanceWorks, she auditioned to see what placement she would be in and moved straight into the 2nd highest program they had, called rubies. Now into her 10th grade year she moved into the highest competition league called diamonds.

“Logann loved being the center of attention and always danced around the house,” Houston’s mother Nyla Houston said.

Houston’s best friend notices how much she loves dance.

“I believe that extracurricular activities teaches her work ethic,” sophomore Nina Wynn said.

Though she is deaf in one ear, it doesn’t keep her from doing the things she loves.

Music is a big part of Houston’s life, not only in dancing, but also in Orchestra while playing violin

“Her hearing impairment has never hindered her, and has always been outgoing and productive,” physics teacher Rhonda Nicholls said.

According to Houston, her hearing loss has been there all her life, though her grandparents think it was from an ear infection she got after she was born, Logann hopes technology will eventually help her if her hearing loss continues.

“Sometimes I think about how much I appreciate music, and about how maybe one day I will no longer be able to hear, but I try to stay positive and dance helps me,” Houston said.

Logann Houston, Staff Writer

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